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Financial Information

At Byron Family Dental, we accept patients with and without insurance. For those patients with dental insurance, there are two options when it comes to dealing with finances:

  • You (the patient) pay for any and all dental services received on the day of treatment in full and receive reimbursement from your insurance provider shortly thereafter either through cheque or direct deposit.

  • We bill your insurance provider directly, leaving you only responsible for that which is not covered under your plan on the day of service.

Most of our patients currently work with option 1, since this is the most efficient and seamless way of dealing with insurance companies. If, however, you would prefer option 2, simply let us know when you contact us so that we can confirm that your insurance provider will allow us to accept your benefits rather than you, the policyholder. In some rare instances, insurance companies will not allow their policyholders to assign their benefits to health professionals.


If you are not working with insurance of any kind, then we do ask that dental services be paid for in full on the day of service, unless a payment schedule has been previously arranged. This is frequently something we do for larger and more comprehensive treatment plans.


If there are any questions or extenuating circumstances that you believe apply in your situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our aim is to do our best to ensure that finances are not an unnecessary barrier to receiving proper dental care.

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